Reflections & learnings— 2nd year at the Alan Turing Institute


Climate Resilience & Security

This map illustrates the connected nature of climate security risks which include physical risks to resources and infrastructure, risks to human mobility and social cohesion and transition risks from climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Modern Slavery Data Policy Innovation

Mission-oriented R&I

Turing AI Scientist Grand Challenge

Climate action


Pangeo for Environmental Science


Public Policy Consultations

Covid and AI conference and report

Side projects

Covid creatives toolkit

Mapping COVID-19 Conspiracy Tribes Across Instagram, TikTok, Telegram and YouTube

1k most-liked Instagram photos associated with conspiratorial content from Feb-June. ~50% of them are screenshots from Twitter.

What’s on my mind lately

  • systemic awareness (grow the resources and activities that make us aware of the social, natural and technological systems we are part of so we can adjust our actions accordingly);
  • systemic health (use new technologies, systems and movements to build healthier communities and ecosystems — I’ve written about One health approaches);
  • Systemic learning (better support communities, movements, and societies to learn, grow in wisdom, and act coherently while ameliorating collective stupidities like groupthink and conspiracies.)




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Eirini Malliaraki

Eirini Malliaraki

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