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Is it gaseous or liquid? Malleable. Am I it, or is it it?

The only way to describe myself is through Logic and its medium the Language (in greek this is one word Λόγος) which is the only way that my consciousness expresses itself. In fact, Λόγος is my consciousness. Thus I’m using a self referential system to describe the Self. I can’t jump out of this system. I describe my being through the mere expression of this being. Hence the loop.

Co-malle-ābility. How can we be as I?

Any question I can ever ask -about me or anything- presupposes the Self otherwise it could not be asked. With this in mind, I can either think that everything I could possibly say is void, and there’s no point in formulating any thought whatsoever because it will collapse in itself. This paradox may be solved if I seize to exist. The only notion that can untangle this Loop is Death, or Non Being. Or else, I can formulate the True, the Beautiful and the Good despite the fact that their mere formulation is based on a regressive system, thus making those concepts exist in and of themselves.

Perhaps, I could jump out of this loop by leaving Λόγος behind. I can just Experience. I did it. Become everything and nothing at the same time. Because the Being and the Non-Being are not even relevant in this context. Or one could say that they exist, because of and not in-spite the fact that they exist simultaneously. In the Experience plane, they mean nothing. In the Experience, there are no ontological divisions. I remain silent in order to express what is beyond Logic.

It creeps in. The fact that I decide to experience presupposes that there is an “I” that is experienc-ing. I keep falling into this “I” and its expression in order to describe it. I can only realise my “being” through and because of my consciousness, but I can never use Λόγος to truly describe it.

I am trapped.

Solid turned to liquid. Then gas.

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