Infosphere — June 2021 🧵

Superforecasting & risk

Open infrastructure

  • Taking a long now view on technology infrastructure

Collective intelligence

  • I’m combing through a database of Collective Intelligence tools curated by my team. I would love to think through some creative workflows and joint tasks.
  • I love the idea of peacebuilding enhanced by psychedelics! Dr. Leor Roseman (Imperial College) & Palestinian peace activist Antwan Saca teamed up to research Israelis & Palestinians who drink Ayahuasca together.
  • Submissions for the 3rd International Workshop on Vocal Interactivity in-and-between Humans, Animals and Robots is open. I asked Dan Stowell about the state of open data in animal vocal imitations & interactivity. I’ve seen numerous videos on social media and I wondered if they can be crowdsourced, labelled and/or used in studies more systematically. Dan, who’s experienced in citizen science, said there’s at least one study on social media videos that comes to mind focused on rhythm (not mimicry), while most other work uses more controlled or small data. I wonder if crowdsourcing that data can supercharge our knowledge of animal vocal imitation and learning, conveyance of emotion, and give us better comparative analyses of human and animal vocalizations.
  • Interesting papers: a crowd-powered approach to masking private data by segmenting and distributing smaller segments to crowd workers, developing hybrid human-AI workflows for unknown unknown detection, developing participatory Frameworks for algorithmic Governance, a framework to characterize the stakeholders of interpretable machine learning and their needs.
  • @krish shared with me Toby Shorin’s post on paid online communities Come for the network, pay for the tool”. It argues that while today most paid communities live on the outskirts of existing social platforms, as they become normalized, paid communities are becoming a viable business model for smaller-scale social networks aiming to be both profitable and socially sustainable.

AI & Science

  • BEIS recently announced its budget for the year;
  • ARIA hiring a Director;
  • Registration for Metascience 2021 is open;
  • G7 wrapped up a historic and productive Climate & Environment Ministerial — the first net-zero G7 with climate goals aligned with keeping 1.5 within reach and the first G7 committed to ending international public funding for coal.
  • Looking forward to attending a seminar on the 18th of June on “Spatial Planning of Low-Carbon Cities with Machine Learning” organised by my friends at Climate Change AI.

Books I’m reading




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Eirini Malliaraki

Eirini Malliaraki

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