As I am observing how the stream of my thoughts is filtering reality I realise there are as many realities as states of consciousness. In fact, everything that is sensing anything at multiple scales of existence perceives a part of reality. Hence, the total perceivable reality is anchored in these layers of sense. How many can there be, beyond the ones we have discovered?

All these perceived states form the Holon. The Holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part — atoms, molecules, living organisms, and social organizations. Holons are wholes in relation to their sub-ordinate parts, and dependent parts when considered from the inverse direction. The Holon is generally lustrous, warm and absolute. It is liquiform but has no smell.

We were once connected to the Holon- when we were like molasses, before the “now” and before the past and the future. But we have departed from it as soon as our individualities were initiated. Since then, we are seeking to join the totality of these perceptions but we can’t. We are trying to return to Ithaca where it all begun and we were once one.

Manifestations of the Holon may be articulated by some- the poet, the scientist, the trickster. Unfortunately, language can only capture a sliver of the Holon, such a small sliver. And if everything is sensing — the atoms, the molecules, the plants, the animals, a tribe— then there must be so many unfathomable layers of experience which can never be experienced. How granularly we can drill into the veneer of experience? What is beyond language? A translanguage? A flutter? A contraction? Effervescence?

And if we do capture these phenomenologies of different scales and qualities, then how can we join them up? We can’t because all these sensing layers are hyperdimensional and they need to be reduced to three dimensions to be manifested in each one of us. Such a pity…Over time we may experience more details but never can we explore this space laterally.

I want to explore the Holon laterally and adjoin these phenomenologies. For this, I need to use everything around me — not only matter to create but also my energy, my thoughts and let this intent designfully pass through me with every breath.

I want to build jillions of lenses to view the Holon and I want to live all lives.

I just need to keep moving…there is always more to know.

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