#Covid-19 Creatives Toolkit: Mutual aid for digital spaces

Together with an international bunch, we’ve curated the #CovidCreativesToolkit, a set of crowdsourced mutual aid resources for creative practitioners (including artists, makers, curators, designers, hackers, educators etc) who find themselves needing to migrate their practice onto digital spaces and places. bit.ly/CovidCreativesToolkit

Please enjoy, share what you think, and join us!

Special thanks to Kat Braybrooke who brought us together and Marc Barto, Katy Beale, Andrea Botero, Tanya Boyarkina, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Hanna Cho, Sophie Dixon, Tracy Gagnon, Janet Gunter, Lara Houston, Sophie Huckfield, Philo van Kemenade, Jamilla Knight, Helen Leigh, Ann Light, Thor Magnusson, Mauree Aki Matsusaka, Kasia Molga, Dina Ntziora, Mirena Papadimitriou, Annika Richterich, Anika Saigal, Anouska Samms,Tiffany Sia, Andrew Sleigh, Alex Taylor, and the CreaTures network of researchers and practitioners for contributing.




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