To become animal is to participate in movement, to stake out a path of escape in all its positivity, to cross a threshold, to reach a continuum of intensities that are valuable only in themselves, to find a world of pure intensities where all forms come undone, to the benefit of an unformed matter of deterritorialized flux.

animals never refer to a mythology or to archetypes but correspond to new levels, zones of liberated intensities where contents free themselves from their forms as well as from their expressions. animality makes aware the innate chaos of the flesh. the abyssal chaos is fundamental for becoming.

becoming is configurations of chaos in time. the animal is closer to the performative than the human. to perform one has to loose fear of loosing the self. the secret is essential. becoming animal remains uncovered by the mask. it is not categoric, not just erotic and terrifying, but unidentifiable. becoming animal is a motion of forgetting.

to undo humaneness one must forget to speak, erase the culture, languages of words, signs and flesh, obliterate the line of perception, unsee and see anew. to loose humanity one must eradicate the senses, forget the difference between past and future. for the body to become fully present without a sense of causality and reason.

a dance which crawls to the bowel of the earth.

-Text I re-edited from work by Fritz Faust

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